Our Association recognises the following classes of members:-­

  • Ordinary members
  • Associate members
  • Financial members
  • Life members

Any Queensland Police Officer or Staff member automatically becomes an ordinary member of the Association, if they are a member of any of the regional representative teams forming part of the Association and/or attend the state carnival.

Any other member of the community can attend and compete at our Annual State Championships by becoming an associate member of the Association.  In order to become an associate member they must be nominated and seconded by two current members and they must agree to abide by the rules of the Association and the Queensland Police Service’s Code of Conduct.

Financial membership is open to all current serving and ex-Qld Police Officers.  An annual fee is charged for this membership either by fortnightly payroll deduction or by an annual payment paid directly to the Association.  For details of this membership and/or an application form, please contact the Association Secretary whose details can be located in the ‘Contacts’ section of this website.