2015 QPSRLA State Championships Airlie Beach


The 2015 QPSRLA State Championships were held at Airlie Beach from Monday 27 April to Friday 1 May.



Game One: Wide Bay Crocs 24 [Tries: Jay Steele, Scott Donald, Jake Carl (2); Goals: Jake Carl (4)] defeated Beefa’s Southern Boars 20 [Tries: Brad Davidson, Justin Drier, Mitch Carpenter, Michael Ryan; Goals: Shaun Sutton (2)]


Game Two: South Eastern Muddies 34 [Tries: Ben Sawden, Carl Hendrick, Matt Hendry, Brendan Brooks, John Borland, Devonne Tomuli; Goals: Ben Puia (5)] defeated Far North Qld Marlins 0


Game Three: Northern Stingers 30 [Tries: Paul Rose (3), Joshua Bell, Jake McMillan, Lona Kaifoto; Goals: Russell Satour (3)] defeated Mt Isa Mongrels 6 [Tries: Tyson Seumanu; Goals: Tyson Seumanu]


Game Four: Central Qld Razorbacks 18 [Tries: Alex Patikura, Scott Gerrard, Ben Wiltshire; Goals: Brendon O’Neill (3)] defeated Brisbane Bulldogs 0



Plate Semi Finals

Game One: Beefa’s Southern Boars 30 [Tries: Shaun Sutton, Matt Shultz, Shane Larkman, Michael Ryan, Jim Doyle; Goals: Shaun Sutton (5)] defeated Far North Qld Marlins 0


Game Two: Mt Isa Mongrels 26 [Tries: Andrew Cridland (3), Kurtis Ritchie, Matt Pritchard] defeated Brisbane Bulldogs 18 [Tries: Rex Karora, Russell Mundy, Hayden Lea; Goals: Jason Klimis (3)]


Championship Semi Finals

Game Three: South Eastern Muddies 14 [Tries: Brendan Brooks, Nathan Diehn, Carl Hendrick; Goals: Ben Puia (1)] defeated Central Qld Razor Backs 0


Game Four: Northern Stingers 14 [Tries: Lona Brown (2), Brent Shorten; Goals:  Russell Satour (1)] defeated Wide Bay Crocs 12 [Tries: Jarrad Banks, Dan McMah, Brent Sheriff]



Game One:

Wide Bay Crocs 28 [Tries: Jake Carl (3), Isaac Mitchell, Brent Sherrif; Goals: Adam Grice (4) defeated Central Brisbane Marlins (combined team) 4 [Tries: Jackson Seymour (Marlins)]


Plate Final

Game Two: Mt Isa Mongrels 26 [Tries: Kurtis Ritchie (2), Jake Lacy, Andrew Cridland, John Carl; Goals: Russ Mundy (2), Andrew Cridland (1)] defeated Beefa’s Southern Boars 14 [Tries: John Munro, Stephen Armstrong,  Ryam Ramsamy; Goals: Shaun Sutton (1)]


Beefa’s Memorial Masters

Game Three: City 20 [Tries: Billy Dowden, Guy Harvey, Mick Thiesfield, Aaron Port, Tony Bani] defeated Country 8 [Tries: Billy Mitchell, Paul Hart]


Grand Final:

Game Four: South Eastern Muddies 18 [Tries: Ben Puia, Kyle Everett (2); Goals: Ben Puia (3)] defeated Northern Stingers 0


Player of final and winner of the inaugural Darren “Beefa” Lees Perpetual Trophy (Proudly sponsored by the Queensland Police Union of Employees):

Paul Renouf of the South Eastern Muddies.


Player of Carnival and winner of the John Weier Medal:

Russell Satour of the Northern Stingers.


Defensive Player of Carnival and winner of the Peter Edwards Perpetual Trophy (Proudly sponsored by FleetNetwork, Terry Kajewski and John Maher)

 Jarrod Knox of the Central Queensland Razorbacks.