Past Clubs

Since our inception in 1987, there have been many different clubs formed to represent the various Sections and areas that make up the Qld Police Service.  Whilst some of these teams may not have lasted long, some joined forces and others continue to thrive, all are an integral part of our history.

Our Association strives to promote and develop rugby league amongst the Qld Police Service and will always look to accommodate new areas or clubs, as long as they are viable in the long term.

In 2003, our Association boasted 13 seperate clubs and it appeared as though, the annual State Championship format would have to undergo a massive overhaul to accomodate all teams.  We began the difficult task of rationalising the strengths of the Association, by limiting the number attending the State Championships.  As a result of this, some teams folded whilst others saw this as an opportunity to join together to form very strong Regional based teams.

The Association now has 8 very strong and viable mostly Regionally based teams attend and contest the annual State Championships.

We as an Association will not forget the contributions of the clubs that no longer are part of our organisation in their own capacity and are extremely greatful for them forging the proud history that we have today.