South West Scorpions

Representing the huge and remote areas of the Roma and Charleville Police Districts proved extremely difficult as it was the lack of player numbers in these areas that restricted them from more success in the State Championships.

The tireless efforts of Inspector Dave Leet, Shane Ferry, Warren Baker and Craig Gregory paid off with the Scorpions becoming State Champions in 1997, when they combined with a number of Toowoomba Police, for a hard fought win over Mt Isa, at the Ipswich Carnival.

Due to these ongoing problems of numbers and distance, in 2000 the Scorpions agreed to a merger with the Ipswich Boars, forming a new super-club known as the Southern Boars.  The strong ties between these two clubs, is evident in the well run, well prepared and well supported club that represents the entire Southern Police Region today.

The history and passion of the once mighty Scorpions is alive and well in the new and exciting Southern Boars.

Players to have worn the maroon of Qld included Warren Baker and Bill Randle in 1998, with Warren Baker going on to Australian Police representative honours on the tour to England that same year.